After Care

There are many different options available to you and your family for the after care of your pet companion. Please feel free to ask questions about any or all of these options. We will do our best to help guide you to the best option for you and your family.

All of our euthanasia services include a complimentary clay paw-print. This print will be made during the scheduled euthanasia visit.

1. Home Burial:

Please check with your local city and county laws regarding home burial and regulations that apply to euthanized pets.

2. Private Cremation and Pet Cemetery Burial Services:

Private Cremation and Pet Cemetery Burial Services:
We have partnered with Family Pet Memorial and Loving Paws Pet Loss Center for private cremation (ashes returned) and pet burial services.

Please click the link below to be directed to their respective web pages. and

  • Generally the cremation service will pick up directly from your home. If for some reason this cannot be arranged then the doctor will take your pet's remains with them and the cremation company will meet them later that day or the next day.

  • The Cremation company will work with you directly to arrange return of your pet's ashes. Typically cremation takes about 2 weeks.

  • All private cremations comes with a traditional oak, mahogany, or cherry urn with a name plate or name engraving.

  • Family Pet Memorial and Loving Paws Pet Loss Center have a variety of custom and specialty urns and keepsakes available for purchase. Please let us know if you are interested in these options. You can view these options on their websites as listed above.

3. Communal Cremation and Scatter Service:

With this option, your pet will be cremated and their ashes will be scattered. Depending on the cremation company used ashes will be scattered on a local pet cemetery or at a location near Priest Lake.

  • Our Doctor will transport your pet’s remains to the local crematorium. No ashes will be returned.

  • Prices for Communal Cremation - Please see Prices and Fees page for pricing information